Since 1989, Legal Hospice of Texas works to build a community in which people regardless of health or economic status can have access to justice.


To provide high-quality pro bono legal services to low-income persons living with terminal illnesses or HIV.


Legal Hospice of Texas is building a community in which people, regardless of heath or economic status, have access to justice.

At Legal Hospice of Texas, our number one priority is the health and safety of all clients, volunteers, and staff. We can serve our clients via phone consults, scheduled office or outside-the-office appointments.

In case of an emergency, the staff will make certain that all needs of the client are met. We understand that an adjusted process may cause a case to take a bit longer, but it is the best way to keep everyone safe.

How are we making this possible?

Fighting for the rights of those that cannot help themselves, Legal Hospice of Texas provides legal counsel, representation, and advocacy at no cost.


Our Impact By The Numbers


People Served in North Texas During 2020


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