Tony C. Lokash

Executive Director

BA, Sociology — UTA Executive Development Program & Senior Certification Certified in Management Curriculum Design, Training & Performance Management LIP Group Work Module Facilitator for Team Building & Committee Engagement

Tony has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit leadership and client centered organizations. In his role, he provides the vision, strategic insights and direction to drive positive change, achieve operational excellence and deliver unparalleled service. His Board and Civic leadership includes government, corporate and private/individual engagement.

Joel Lazarine

Legal Director

JD, SMU Dedman School of Law

Joel graduated from law school in 1993, then spent a brief period working for a small law which focused on family law issues before accepted a position at LHT. He began volunteering for LHT because people close to him had been diagnosed with HIV and wanted to learn how to help them.

Jennifer Longfellow

Staff Attorney

JD, MBA St. Mary's University

Jennifer Longfellow received her JD and MBA in 2013 and is originally from San Antonio, Texas. As a practicing attorney Jennifer has worked on hundreds of social security cases and has experience in estate planning and tax law. Jennifer is an avid traveler and wine aficionado. She also enjoys sampling teas from around the world, painting, and playing volleyball.

Nisa Ortiz

Quality Assurance Director

BS, UNT, Rehabilitation Science

Nisa Ortiz is a graduate from the University of North Texas with a degree in Rehabilitation. Nisa is passionate about helping others and making the world a better place for the generations to come. Before working at Legal Hospice of Texas, Nisa worked on getting the vote out and assisting candidates with their campaigns. In her free time Nisa enjoys music, dancing, lounging at home with my daughter and spending time with my family.

Jasmin Alvarez

Client Services Coordinator

AA, Cedar Valley College, Marketing

Jasmin is a graduate from Cedar Valley College with an Associates in Marketing and is currently studying in the University of North Texas for a bachelor’s in Marketing. Jasmin looks forward to learning how to better help others in the community and strives to be of value to the organization. Jasmin enjoys going out with friends and family, traveling, and exploring new restaurants around town.